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Land and 12400 Trees on 28 Acres - Price is Negotiable

A profit of $6 million should easily be realized in 9-10 years from the sale of 6200 mature trees.  This is based on the present and a conservative future estimated price of teakwood, and also the fact the there is a projected future worldwide shortage of this commodity.  The profit will be higher of course with a longer growth period, which can be stretched out to 15, 20 or more years.   The profit taking can be spread out also, where the cutting and selling takes advantage of seasonal swings in price per cubic meter.

6200 trees can also be thinned in 1-2 years for an additional up front profit from the investment.  Thinning is accomplished through buyers that typically contact owners directly, then pay up front, cut and export using their own resources.   It is necessary to monitor this operation with a third party.  Government offices promoting wood exports can also recommend reputable buying options.